About Us


A group of professionals in medicine, law, psychology and religion came together in 1986 out of concern for individuals faced with difficult bio-ethical decisions. Responding to the complexities of these issues, they formed the Institute dedicated to research, service and education.

About the Name

The name washans_sophie chosen in memory of Hans and Sophie Scholl. who were a brother and sister. They were members of the White Rose, a group of university students who resisted the policies of the Third Reich including the “mercy” killings of disabled and mentally ill persons in Nazi Germany. Hans and Sophie were executed as traitors by the Nazis on February 22, 1943.

How Scholl Helps Everyone
Many of you will have to make decisions about life issues affecting you and those dear to you. Each of us needs to make the best decision when a human life is involved. The Institute delineates principles to assist in making choices about life and death, with particular concern for the protection of weak and defenseless persons who cannot speak for themselves.

Scholl’s Services
As a research center, the Institute provides in-depth analysis of current bioethical questions. It prepares articles for both scholarly and popular publications. In addition, it offers a speaker’s bureau, provides educational materials, gives workshops and seminars.

Everyone Can Help

The Scholl Institute welcomes your participation in our many projects. You can help by:
• Supporting us financially
• Organizing a meeting for our speakers
• Volunteering time to assist us
• Training to speak on these issues yourself
• Letting us know your concerns