Our Members

Executive Committee Members

President: Professor Betty Odello; Professor of Philosophy, Los Angeles Pierce College

Vice President: Sister Paula Vandegaer, SSS, LCSW
Founder of International Life Services, Scholl Institute of Bioethics, Volunteers for Life. Author, Lecturer

Secretary: Jean T. O’Neil, BA Information and Research Specialist

Treasurer: Beverly Cielnicky, BA
President of Crusade for Life, Editor of Scholl Bioethics Review

Legislative Chairman: Robert J. Cielnicky, BS/MS Aeronautical Engineering
Founder/Director of Life Priority Network
Founder/V.P. California Nurses for Ethical Standards: Germaine Wensley, RN, BS

Fund Development Specialist for International Life Services: Sister Beth Momburn, SSS, MSG

PHN Speakers Bureau Coordinator: Elizabeth C. Hanink, RN, BSN

John Realyvasquez


Advisory Committee Members

William Anderson, Esq.; Private Practice

Dr. Paddy Baggott, M.D.; Private practice, Patients’ Choice Award (2010 – 2012)

Dr. Christopher DeGiorgio, M.D.; Professor at UCLA School of Medicine

Dr. Vincent Fortanasce, M.D.; Physicians for Compassionate Care, author

Dr. Channing Frykman, M.D.; Chair of Board of Directors of Los Angeles Christian Health Centers.

Molly Israel, RN, Past President of Scholl Institute of Bioethics

Dr. Katherine Schlaerth, M.D.; Private practice, former L.A. Times columnist

Zonya Townsend, R.N.; President of California Nurses foe Ethical Standards

Chukwuleta Ugocha; Chaplain, Bioethics